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Introducing the Behavioral System Core, a completely new approach to behavioral automation. We have designed a single, universal control chassis that will run all of our behavioral assays:

  • Open Field
  • Cage Rack
  • Plus Maze
  • Rotometer
  • Light/Dark
  • Startle Reflex
  • Forced Swim
  • Active and Passive Avoidance
  • Tail Suspension
  • Cue and Contextual Fear Conditioning
  • Place Preference
  • Learning Hole Board
With just a single PC Computer and one of our Behavioral System Cores, you can run any of these assays. Simply connect each assay station to the Core and run the appropriate software. Expansions available for up to 64 stations. No longer are you required to purchase an additional system and computer just to run an additional assay.

Save precious grant funds and lab space with this new, innovative system!

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